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Marizete Da Silva in the mediaMarizete Da Silva is the dynamic founder of My Exponential Life Coaching providing practical and pragmatic tools to create a life that works for you -based on choice. She is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® and an Access Body Process Practitioner. She is also a highly skilled Yoga Teacher who has taught Yoga for over 20 years. Marizete desires to gift you with the knowing of how beautiful and amazing you are.

Born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Marizete is a catalyst of change and possibilities. She has a great capacity to be the invitation for those around her to choose MORE of who they really are. She has two BA degrees: one in Journalism and another in Tourism.

Since childhood, Marizete has been a seeker of great magnitude – continually looking for what she can create to improve and expand consciousness.

In 1990, Marizete started a journey of studying and teaching yoga to bring more awareness to the world. During the summer of 1996, she created a project teaching yoga for free on the beaches of the Island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. Years later, she moved to the United States and became a Certified Power Vinyasa Teacher, a Reiki Master and studied a wide range of other body-centered healing modalities.

Marizete now lives in Spain where she owned a yoga studio in Valencia and started her Coaching practice facilitating workshops in the Feminine Leadership field. In 2011, she created her own style of yoga named Bossa Yoga – a dynamic and playful way of practising yoga that infuses Capoeira, Dance and Yoga with upbeat Brazilian music. In 2014 Marizete was invited to teach a Bossa Yoga class at Google Headquarter in Mountain View, California.

When She is not working. She loves cinema, climbing trees, waterfalls, reading, dancing, playing tennis and chilling drinking coconut water in Bahia * her native city.

Today, Marizete travels the world facilitating sessions, workshops, yoga classes, retreats and Access Consciousness® classes in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Marizete also provides private coaching sessions in person or via computer.

She provides the space to totally transform what does not work in your life–if you choose it. Are you ready to play?

During the time I have known Marizete I have been impressed by her ability to live a fully alive life of joy, have integrity towards her life path, and constantly re-invent herself. She is fearless, funny, full of energy and fascinating all at once. I have enjoyed all my interactions with her and delighted in her ability to lead fully vibrant. conscious, life of purpose.

Gopi Kallayil
Google Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing
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